Lesson Plans

Hustle-Swing - ANTON BILOZOROV - lesson plan (NO special Needs) - Dance_1

Social Dancing 

(Hustle and Swing)

Grades: 9-12

ANTON BILOZOROV - lesson plan - Badminton_1.docx


(Forehand and Backhand)

Grades: 9-12

Basketball_1 - Layup & Pick-n-roll


(Offensive drills)

Grades: 9 -12


Curriculum Plan


Social dancing lesson planning considered a variety of factors to ensure that the lesson was engaging, appropriate for students' skill levels, aligned with district standards, and supported the learning objectives. I as a teacher should also be prepared to modify the lesson plan as needed to accommodate unexpected challenges or differences in student needs.

Copy of Anton B. - TCAP - Mini-Unit Template